Sustainability is a very important part of our philosophy. Consideration is given at all stages of our design process to:

  • reduce carbon emissions
  • reduce energy usage in the life cycle of the building
  • use renewable energy sources

Our aim is to guide clients to a clear and concise understanding of the available renewable energy systems with low and zero carbon technologies and how these can be incorporated within the project. At an early stage, discussions take place so that a design can centre round sustainability. Understanding the process can be complex but we try to ensure that we can give our clients the confidence to embrace the technologies which exist.

We understand the importance of air tightness within buildings and detail constructions so that a high level can be achieved.

As approved certifiers of design in relation to section 6 Energy of the Scottish Building Regulations, we are able to certify non-domestic buildings as part of Sbem. In doing this we have gained a huge understanding of the energy use within a building. It also allows building warrant applications to be processed faster as there is no requirement for the authority to check lengthy calculations.

SAP 2010 is the calculation tool used for domestic property. We are fully competent in providing these calculations in relation to domestic property.

We strive to produce architecture which enhances the built environment through design, responds sensitively to its setting, respects the environment and delivers real value for our clients.